Friday, December 24, 2010

25 Things Bout’ Me
1) Nothing special on me.
2) College student
3) Bit temper
4) Am single but not available because am
   waiting for someone. And nobody knows
   I like him. Like UNIC’s song –Hanya
    Tuhan Yang Tahu (Only God Knows)
5) Like all kinds of music include
     Hindustan, Korea, Taiwan, Japanese.
6) Love to play Gamelan, the Javanese
    music instrument. I play it since I was
    form 2 and form 4. I try to continue to
    play it back in my college.
7) Speechless to whom I loves for
     because I feel palpitates.
8) Loves eat and sleep
9) dislike maths because it could make me
10) Treat people based on they treat me.
        So, I can be polite and rude.       
11) Love baby and kids because my
       youngest brother already 10..When I
       meet any kids, feel like to kidnap
       them. huhu..
12)   My style just likes to be simple,
        ordinary,and casual.
13) Love my family and friends. Am the
       fifth  from the ten siblings. I get 6
       sisters and 3
    brothers. I was born in Malay-Javanese
14) like rainbow colours.
15) dislike animals but likes to watch their
16) like daydreaming.
17) upcoming dream: make my family
      get a blissful life first, and be a teacher.
18) Care of hygiene and tidiness more
       than beauty.
19) Dislike vegetables except carrot. I’ll
       detach the vegetables in my food even
       a burger.
20) Sketching and doodling cartoon when
      am become boring sometimes.
21) The most relax activity is read
      novel, eat choc, and listen to music
      while lying on my bed in one time.
22) I don’t like to talk too much because it
      make me tired.
23) Easy to get a flu and weak in cold
       Place but like to bit ice.
24) Am quite stubborn (pig-headed)
25) Do any works depend on my mood.

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